Wondering About the Hiring Costs of Private Investigators? Read This!

Are you thinking of hiring a private investigator Toronto? If so, you might have already searched for some of the private investigation firms in the region that provide investigation services. But before you hire a private investigator from a firm, there are a few things you must pay attention to. Get to know about their reputation in the market and their experience. Another most important thing you must know is the price of their services. Let us tell you one thing that in Canada, there is no standardized price rate of private investigation services. Hence, each private investigation agency sets it’s own rates.

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In this blog post, we will talk about how the rates are set by the agencies, and how you can find an agency that suits you best, and fits your budget.

How does an agency set it’s rates?

As mentioned above, there are no industry standard rates for private investigation services. Thus, agencies use different factors to determine their rates. They factor in their experience and the type of services to calculate their rates. Hence, the rates will vary based on the complexity of work, your location, the investigation service you need, and the agency you are hiring. Most private investigator Brampton agencies will give you a base price for some basic services such as database searches or background verification. However, they will charge by the hour for complex investigation services.

What should you know about agency rates?

There are two things that you should know about private investigation agency rates:

  • Retainers: Make sure to ask if the agency offers a retainer agreement. There are two types of retainer agreements you will come across.
    • A consumable retainer in which you will have to pay the fees upfront. This fee will be then used for all the hours that have been used to complete the investigation.
    • A non-consumable retainer also requires you to pay the fees in advance. However, any extra hours given to the investigation will be added to the fees you have already paid.
  • Expenses: Also get to know about any other expenses that you might have to pay for such as travel fees, hotel fees, and more. Notice if these extra expenses are added to the quote. If they aren’t, inquire about them. This will avoid any surprise charges at the end of the final billing.
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These key points will help you choose a private investigator Mississauga that fits your budget. You can also contact us at Integrity Investigations for top-notch and experienced investigation services. We are transparent with our clients when it comes to our charges and always deliver the best services for the money. You can contact us for different investigation services such as marital indiscretion, international surveillance, background verification, litigation support, and more. Contact us now to know more.