Will a Private Investigator Help You Locate a Person?

Can a private investigator Toronto locate a person? This is one of the most frequently asked questions to our professional private investigators. The short answer is YES! As long as locating a person falls in federal and provincial laws, private investigators will help you locate a person of interest. 

However, several other reasons will determine whether a private investigator will say yes or no to your request of locating a person. 

  • private investigator TorontoWhy do you want to find this person? What are the reasons?

When you approach a private investigator Brampton for locating a person, they will want to know the reasons you are looking for this person. If the reasons are harmless and within the law, they will assist you in locating the person. For example, if you want to get in touch with a family member that you lost contact with a long time ago, they will find them for you. But if you want to keep tabs on your ex and not for the right reasons, they will outright deny locating the person. 

  • How much information have you shared? 

To find the person, a private investigator will need some information. The amount of information you share will determine whether they will find the person or not. More information such as the name, age, and last known address or contact information will make it easier to find the person. If you provide less information, it will less likely result in a fruitful search. 

  • What are the costs of finding someone?

Let’s be honest! Finding someone is not an easy task. And it will take hundreds of hours for a private investigator Mississauga to find the person. Hence, the costs will be high. And sure, you can use public databases or social media to find someone, but it won’t give you the desired results. When you hire a private investigator, you are hiring them for their skills and experience and thus they deserve fair pay. 

  • private investigator MississaugaDo you have patience? 

Based on the amount of information provided by you, it will take some time before finding the right person. Are you patient to wait for the results or are you going to pressure the private investigator to just get you the results? You need to have enough patience to wait for the results. There will be not one, but multiple leads that a private investigator needs to follow. And it will take time!

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