Skip Tracing: What Is It? And Why You Might Need It?

Several financial and business organizations provide the services of giving loan amounts to people who need immediate finances to cover their expenses. Usually, debtors make sure that they pay their due amount in time. However, sometimes some people skip payments and vanish without a trace from the debt collectors. And that’s where skip tracing can come in handy!

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A private investigator Markham can provide skip tracing services to find the person who has missed payments over a period and hasn’t responded to any of your attempts of contact. But what is skip tracing exactly and what does it do and more? Let’s find out. 

What is Skip Tracing?

To explain in brief, skip tracing is finding the information, collecting, and verifying the same regarding debtors. This is a crucial process in debt collection that helps financial institutions find people who have skipped their payments. Skip tracing includes contacting people who might know the debtor, checking public records, and finding the debtor on social media. 

Skip tracing is particularly important and beneficial for businesses, freelancers, and lenders who want to find the person who is running away from their responsibilities. The process helps organizations save a lot of money and time. And it is cost-effective too! The skip tracing fees are a small percent of the owed amount. 

Who performs skip tracing?

Usually skip tracing is performed by journalists, private investigator Vaughan, attorneys, detectives, and reporters. Certain agencies will have a specific team of skip tracers who will exclusively implement methods to find the person. 

When will you need skip tracing?

As mentioned above, usually people are quite prompt at paying debts, and hence skip tracing is not essential for debt collectors. But often some people just go AWOL and don’t keep any communication especially when they owe money. In cases like these, skip tracing is crucial. Because it becomes increasingly difficult to find the person with a regular search engine or social media searches. Having a professional skip tracer will benefit in such a situation. 

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What should you provide a skip tracer?

If you have decided to hire a skip tracer, you need to provide some information about the person you want them to trace. And since people have common features such as common names and occupations, skip tracers will need more precise information than just a name. 

You must provide the skip tracer information like contact number, last verified addresses, and a photo is needed. The skip tracer will then start looking for information such as credit card history, travel history, address history, criminal records, tax records, and more. 

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