Private Investigators: Things They Can and Can’t Do!

Are you interested in hiring a private investigator to uncover some truth in your personal or professional life? If so, you might have some impression about private investigators from movies and tv shows.

private investigator Markham

But let us tell you that a private investigator Markham also has certain limitations while investigating. Most of the things that are shown in the movies such as breaking into someone’s house, or taking pictures through windows, and other such activities, private investigators are not allowed to do. So, before you hire a private investigator for a certain matter, you must know that what a private investigator can and can’t do. In this blog post, we will tell you some of those do’s and don’ts for a private investigator.

What can a private investigator do?

Though private investigators have limitations, they can certainly do a lot of things to find the truth for your matter in question. Here are the things that they can do:

  • They can monitor the movements of a person in question, gather records and carry out surveillance.
  • They can find out crucial information such as current and previous home and office addresses, aliases, properties, licenses, marital status, and social media activity.
  • Private investigators can also follow the individual under investigation and conduct a stakeout. They can find further information such as voter registration and criminal records.
  • They can also interview family, friends, professional colleagues, and anybody who knows the person under investigation.

Based on the information gathered by the private investigator Vaughan, a case can be built against the person under investigation.

What a private investigator can’t do?

Now, let’s talk about the things that a private investigator can’t do.

  • They can’t arrest anybody even if they see that a person is committing a crime. They can only document the crime and inform the concerned authorities.
  • They can’t carry a badge or impersonate a law enforcement officer. This is against the law and agencies take it quite seriously.
  • They can’t break into anybody’s house. If the homeowner allows them to enter the house, only then they can inspect the space.
  • They can’t wiretap a conversation. However, based on different provincial laws, this might differ. A private investigator must know the provincial laws regarding recording a conversation. But generally, they can’t record a conversation between two people.
  • They can’t take photos when the person under investigation is in the house. This is important to maintain the privacy of the person in their home. They can take photos only in public places.
  • They can’t hack into social media accounts and can’t get protected information without consent.

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