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Get to Know About Identity Theft with Our Private Investigator Barrie

You might have seen it in a movie or tv series: Identity Theft wreaking havoc in the lives of the protagonist. Now, if you thought that identity theft is just an idea for an exciting story line, our private investigator Barrie will tell you otherwise. Identity theft cases are more common than you think. And fraudsters are finding new ways to rob you of your money.

If you are a victim of identity theft, the best thing will be to contact a private investigator Barrie right away.

Private Investigator Barrie

Identity Theft Signs

Now, if you think that you might have fallen to identity theft, here are signs you might want to check out to get a final confirmation. These signs have been suggested by our private investigator Barrie.

  • You haven’t applied for a credit card, yet you find a credit card application in your mail.
  • You haven’t applied for a credit card, yet you are contacted by a creditor regarding the application.
  • You might not have a credit card application for an account, yet you receive statements for the same.
  • You haven’t applied for paperless billing, yet you don’t receive your credit card statements via mail at your address.
  • You haven’t applied for a loan, yet a creditor has called you to talk about the loan amount.

What should the victim of identity theft do?

Our private investigator Barrie suggests the following things that a victim of identity theft must do.

  • Immediately get in touch with the credit card issuer. You can ask them to block and cancel your card. If proven, the card issuer will reverse all the purchases not done by you.
  • Contact Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada to get a credit report. Based on the credit report, you can find any information related to fraudulent activity. You can report them the same.
  • You can connect with Human Resource Development Canada to ensure that your social insurance number is not used to get information about you.
  • Contact local police for assistance.

Apart from this, if you want to find the person who might have stolen your identity, you can also get in touch with us at Integrity Investigations.

Private Investigator Barrie

Our private investigator Barrie will ensure that the person is found and handed over to the police authority. We will also help you secure your credit cards and bank accounts with the right strategy and advice. So, give us a call now to know more about identity theft.