Online Romance Scams: A Closer Look at How it Works!

The holiday season is already here. People are meeting their friends and families to have some quality time. But the holiday season is an especially difficult time for single people. They might feel lonely or out of place among a crowd that has only couples. 

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Also, people keep asking them who they are dating. When are they getting married and more such intrusive questions? These questions can make them feel sad and depressed. And hence they would turn to dating websites. However, this can become a recipe for online romance scams. 

As per private investigator Markham, the holiday season is a peak time for online scammers to take advantage of desperate singles who want to get into a relationship. Online scammers will create a perfect persona that will make you feel all the romantic feels. But you might end up losing money, friends and family, and other life opportunities. 

Here’s how online scammers create the perfect partner personality. 

  • They will make fake profiles on dating websites and start looking for victims. These victims are not necessarily women. 
  • Choosing their victim becomes easier for them. They target people who share too much personal information. 
  • Based on this personal information, they will start looking for you online. They will find information such as how much money you might have. They will learn your address, your friends and family, your job location, and more. 
  • Now that they know everything about you, they will create a perfect persona that will attract you. And thus, they will start asking you for money, gifts, and other perks. And you will do it for them as they will seem charming. 

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When a private investigator Vaughan was asked to rate online romance scams, they consider it in the top 5 ways people get scammed online. And this is not to say that you shouldn’t go on dating sites to find a partner. But you need to stay very careful. 

  • Don’t share too much personal information online. Keep something for when you meet this person. 
  • Avoid people who say that they live in another country and ask you for money or gifts by coercion. 
  • Also, carry out complete due diligence to ensure that the person you want to date is not scamming you. 

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