Identity Theft: Three Most Common Types You Must Know

You might have heard about identity theft in the news or read it as part of a movie storyline. And you would have thought to yourself “It can’t happen to me!”

Well, surprise! Identity theft is more common than you anticipate. Several people fall victim to identity theft every year and the number is increasing. Fraudsters are devising new ways to steal your identity.

Identity TheftBut if you are a little more aware, you can prevent identity theft. Our private investigator Toronto describes the three most common types of identity theft that people fall victim to. Knowing about these types will help you secure all your personal information effectively.

  • Commercial or Business Identity Theft

In this type of theft, the fraudster will use commercial or business information to procure products and services. The information can include the name of the business, the social security number of upper brass, confidential business account information, and more. Most times, this type of identity theft is done by a current employee or an ex-employee. These people have inside contacts and access to such crucial information. Business identity theft can result in huge losses. And it can go on for years without anybody noticing.

Our private investigator Brampton suggests carrying out due diligence of your employees and new hires. If you suspect the theft of crucial business information, get in touch with our team.

  • Account takeover

Another most common type of identity theft involves using the account information of a person to buy products and services. The fraudster will get access to personal information such as bank account details, social security numbers, and more to access funds. This information can be obtained by hacking into emails or finding it through offline sources such as phone, mail, wallets, and more.

You need to keep a close eye on all your account statements and keep an account of your expenses. Any discrepancies in your account statements such as unknown purchases not done by you, or your family can be indicative of identity theft.

  • New Account Fraud

Finally, using your personal information to create a new account to buy products and services comes under new account fraud. The fraudster will use information such as personal details and credit reports to create new accounts. The fraudsters can now get new credit cards, new phones, loans, and more. The victim will not know about the fraud until it is too late. Hence, you must keep a close eye on those with whom you have shared your personal information.

To get further assistance on the same, get in touch with us at Integrity Investigations. Our professional private investigator Mississauga will assist you in devising ways that help you protect your personal information.

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