How Private Investigators Can Help in Child Custody Cases?

Are you going through a divorce? Are you fighting for the custody of your children? If this is your predicament, you might want to keep reading this post. Divorce is already a tough time for you and your partner. On top of that, a child custody battle makes it even harder. And we know there will be several accusations from both ends when it comes to taking care of children. Hence, hiring a private investigator Toronto will be beneficial for you. They can sift through a lot of information to present the right facts in the court and tilt the decision in your favour. 

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What investigations are done during child custody?

During child custody, most of the investigation will be focused on determining the children’s treatment and well-being objectively. Investigations will include:

  • How is the child treated by the parents?
  • Is there a possible instance of neglect or abuse? This will be noted by taking pictures or videos, making sure everything is documented.
  • The final investigations report might include negative parenting behaviour such as drug abuse, reckless driving, and criminal activity. 
  • The final report will include actions such as not providing basic necessities such as food and safe living conditions. 

How do private investigators assist in child custody investigations?

A private investigator Brampton can assist in child custody investigation in several ways:

  • Interview witnesses such as relatives, neighbours, counsellors, teachers, family friends, and more. 
  • Look for hidden assets especially if a parent denies financial support to the child. 
  • They can find evidence to prove something that goes against the parent. The evidence can include proof of alcohol abuse, neglect, or keeping the child in an unsafe environment. 
  • Background checks are another thing that private investigators can do. They can check the background of the parent or any other people who stay around the children. 
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Why hire a private investigator?

Hiring a private investigator Mississauga will be beneficial for you especially in child custody cases. They can find evidence in a legal manner and in a form that is acceptable in court. Also, if your ex has falsely accused you of mistreating children, you can get help from a private investigator to prove your innocence. 

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