Professional Background Checks

Conducting a background check on someone is a way of finding out who you are dealing with.  It might be a potential business partner, a candidate for employment in your company or even a future partner in marriage.  Many people will keep information to themselves as the fear that they will risk what they have. We can find out the information they don’t want you to know.

We Investigate

  • Workplace background
  •  Legal trouble
  •  Fraud accusations
  • Policy infringements
  • and much more

Our highly trained Private Investigators will use all the latest technologies during the investigation process and will provide a detailed report to the employer with timely, factual findings.

The investment to perform a background check by a qualified and highly trained private investigator may save businesses valuable time and money down the road.  Why look forward to costly legal battles in attempts to fire and or distance yourself and your company because you hired someone that had a history they never disclosed.  We can help alleviate this issue by conducting a background check. Spend a little time and money now, or pay a lot of time and money later.

Professional background checks by a Private Investigator disclose all factual details of an individual so you can make your decision with confidence

Our investigators work hand in had with our clients to produce the best possible outcome. A Background Check can prove you are about to make the right decision or prove you might have made the wrong one.

Our private investigators’ expertise; combined with intelligent investigation technology; ensures that you have the answers you seek, without a doubt.

For more information about Workplace Investigations by Integrity Investigations Private Investigators, contact us today.

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